16 Reasons you should signup for a Tasty Planner account!

OK, so if you are just getting hip to [Tasty Planner](http://tastyplanner.com/ “Tasty Planner – Create, Plan and Share Recipes, Menus, Grocery Lists and More…”), you may want to turn off your music, close your email program and give me your full attention.

What follows are 16 reasons you should join this growing community of sharing foodies and [signup for a Tasty Planner account](http://tastyplanner.com/signup “Tasty Planner – Chefs”) today.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the list below and [sign up](http://tastyplanner.com/signup “Tasty Planner – Chefs”) to find out for yourself.

1. Food is awesome. Food with friends is better. Tasty Planner lets you connect with like-minded foodies.

2. Sharing food is the right thing to do.

3. At tasty planner, EVERYONE is a chef!

4. Collect recipes into your [recipe box](http://tastyplanner.com/tours/recipe_box “Tasty Planner – Recipe Box”) for safe keeping.

5. Post recipe ratings and comments to all your favorite or not so favorite recipes.

6. [Create recipes](http://tastyplanner.com/recipes/new “Tasty Planner – Sessions”) and submit them with stellar photos.

5. Grocery list creation simplified and automated the tasty planner way! Create your grocery shopping lists with our [patent pending grocery list creator](http://tastyplanner.com/tours/grocery_list_creator “Tasty Planner – Grocery List Creator”). You can even access your grocery list at the grocery store on your iphone and check items off as you go. (we’re geeks too)

6. We have [a guided tour](http://tastyplanner.com/tours/ “Tasty Planner – Tasty Planner Tour – Learn how to share recipes, use the menu planner, and build grocery lists.”) to help you learn about site features.

7. We feature top chefs and their recipes.

8. It’s easy to find and browse recipes through keyword search, browse by tag and there’s more to come.

9. Every search result has an RSS feed to automatically keep you updated with the latest created recipes.

10. Chefy is your friend.

11. Apple.com featured our dashboard widget! [Download it here](http://tastyplanner.com/widget “Tasty Planner – Widget”). (Sorry, Mac only for now)

13. Tasty Planner makes planning your meals and grocery list easier and more fun!

15. Show off your chef page to your friends. They’ll be begging you to cook them all of your tasty recipes.

16. Make a meal calendar and plan meals for all the weeks to come.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to [signup for a Tasty Planner account](http://tastyplanner.com/signup “Tasty Planner – Chefs”) and join this growing community of sharing foodies!


Bruno Miranda February 22nd, 2008

17. We really appreciate our Chef’s feedback. Keep it coming!

Thlom February 23rd, 2008

Yo! It would be great if one could change how many a recipe would serve so that the ingredients list would change accordingly! It would also be great if one could change the system of measure. I have no idea how much a pound is, but a computer could easily convert pounds to grams.

Anyway, I just registered with your site, I love it.

Bruno Miranda February 27th, 2008

Hi Thlom,

We are actually working on that feature and should have it released in the near future.

Thank you for your feedback.

Earl March 1st, 2008

I agree this is a great site and idea. Changing serving size would be awesome. I also would like to see a way to be able to add pictures to someone elses recipe submission.
Pictures make a huge difference.
Maybe add spell check.
Add a simple “digg” like widget or way to upload recipes from other sites into Tasty Planner with credit to source.
Keep up great idea, and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

Trudie July 24th, 2011

i just joined today and I can’t figure out how to move recipes from my box to my planner I don’t get a red handle, I get a 4 arrow?

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