7 Healthy Foods to Kick Start Your Day

It’s a known fact that we don’t always eat the most healthy foods, even though we know we should.

The challenge? Introducing these healthy foods into our weekly diet takes “work” and discipline. It doesn’t just happen for us automatically. For that reason, we’ve compiled a great list of healthy foods with some fantastic recipes to go along with them. Some of these will kick start your day, others will give you a better night’s sleep, and others may even increase your libido. Whoa.


Very high in vitamin A, and a great good source of calcium, magnesium, foliate, iron, riboflavin and vitamins B-6 and C. The compounds in spinach will boost your immune system and even aid the prevention certain types of cancer.


These once overlooked little fruits are tasty and great for you. They’re high in vitamin and fiber content and an excellent source of antioxidants. Berries have also been proven to give your memory a boost. The antioxidants in berries are believed to enhance brain function.


Garlic has a lot of antioxidant elements. It reportedly has antibacterial and anti-virus effects, and can help lower your cholesterol level and blood pressure. Eating garlic may also prevent you from getting bitten by mosquito’s that could transmit diseases.

Nuts, Almonds

Like the spinach, nuts are packed with riboflavin, magnesium, iron and calcium. They also deliver large amounts of much needed fiber. Nuts are great for your Heart. Most of the fat in almonds is mono-unsaturated fat, which can help lower cholesterol levels. The majority of almonds are considered low in sodium, with less than 160 milligrams of sodium per ounce.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in oleic acid, a mono-saturated fatty acid. Olive oil can lower blood levels of an undesirable form of cholesterol, LDL, while raising the level of HDL, the desirable kind of cholesterol. Olive oil can also reduce blood pressure and help regulate blood sugars.


This food contains high levels of folic acid which can help to metabolize the proteins in a body which in turn then provides a person with more energy. The potassium found in avocados food is good for helping to regulate the inner workings a woman’s thyroid glands.


This is considered to be an excellent food for increasing libido as it contains androsterone. It is this odorless hormone which men release and which women find extremely attractive.


SD March 9th, 2008

I will now embark on a sgrict celery diet!!!

SD March 9th, 2008

Make that a STRICT celery diet!!!

Joanielspeak June 11th, 2008

You have a wonderful list of extra healthy foods there, but I do believe you forgot a very important superfood. Tea! Green tea and green tea extracts are rich in EGCG – a powerful antioxidant that not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells but also kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Green tea may also increase mental alertness, aid in weight loss, reduce LDL cholesterol, and protect the skin from sun damage.

With all of these potential health benefits, why not give it a try? TastyPlanner even has recipes to go along with your new tea drinking lifestyle!

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