GreenPans with Thermolon Technology

Recently my boyfriend, Jim, and I moved into a new house. Coming from both our parent’s homes to a huge house was daunting to say the least. Neither of us had an apartment first so we hadn’t really acquired any essential tools needed to fill an entire house. Because of this our kitchen began in a very basic state. We ended up having to use what camping supplies we had gathered over the years to stock our kitchen with pots and pans. Considering these were bargain purchases (for use when camping, why spend a lot?!) it was hard to cook even the simplest of meals without burning something or scraping off cheap Teflon.

Why am I saying this? Well, my mother knew we needed new pans so she took it upon herself to order me a whole kitchen full in a brand that I had been coveting since the moment I saw it advertised 3 years ago. GreenPans.

Some of you may know of them, but most probably don’t. If you watch any HSN I’m sure you’ve seen them. The first cookware to use Thermolon non-stick coating, the GreenPan line is ceramic based and doesn’t contain any PTFE – the chemical found in traditional degradable coating – or the eco-hazzard chemical PFOA.

I am not here to hock any goods, but I was shocked when I used it for the first time. I had invited my parents over for an Indian dinner (and to watch the new episode of The Office). When I realized that my basic camping skillet couldn’t accommodate 4 portions of chicken tikka masala, I quickly sent Jim to Target to pick up a GreenPan skillet (for some reason they carry GreenPans). He came back with a 12 inch skillet (a staple in any kitchen). I threw the ingredients in and watched as an even layer of simmering bubbles formed across the pan. It heated so perfectly even that even the very edges were bubbling away. When I poured in the cream even the droplets that lightly splashed onto the sides of the pan beaded up like rain on a ducks back. It was an amazing sight. It is, truly, a safe to use non-stick pan.

What’s even better is that fact that you don’t have to use any butter or oil when cooking. The pans are so non-stick that food literally slides around in the pan. I cooked a whole batch of fried potatoes and blissfully watched as they cooked in no oil (I did end up adding oil in the end to make them extra crispy, but they cooked through without any).

Well, my set of new pans arrived today and I unpackaged the goods. A few days ago HSN ran a special on GreenPans with chef Todd English. So, this set is aptly called the Todd English Collection. Mom did order me a 2 quart “bumper pan” to increase the collection that included a 12 inch roasting pan with lid, a 4 quart sauce pan with lid, a 10 inch skillet, and an 8 inch skillet. The skillet propped up in the back of the photo is my original 12 inch from Target.

Speaking of my big skillet, let me tell you why these pans are extra unique. Unbeknownst to most people, most (if not all) non-stick pans are not supposed to go above 500º F. That’s about medium heat on most stoves. Anyone that toasts their pans above 500º is essentially breaking down the coating (releasing some of its chemicals) and wearing out the pans prematurely. GreenPans can withstand up to 850º F meaning high heat is no longer off limits. I hadn’t really realized how hot they actually get until I noticed my plastic pancake turner melting onto the bottom of my brand new GreenPan. Fear not though, one swipe with a plastic scouring pad removed all traces of melted plastic from the pan. Whew!

I really didn’t expect these pans to out perform what I had imagined they were capable of doing, but they did. I can’t recommend them enough. Check out HSN’s GreenPan Collection or all of the available GreenPans at Target if you need to replace any of your current pans. Also, don’t forget to check out GreenPans’ website to find out more about Thermolon Technology and what GreenPan is doing to reduce carbon emissions.


Stupidheadfred December 2nd, 2009

How do you know what is safe after a few uses? Ten years from now it could be cancerous. Stick with cast iron. Deal with cleaning. Tested for many years.

Joanielspeak July 8th, 2010

Coming up on 2 years, I am still quite happy with my pans. I’m not a fan of the weight of cast iron for daily use. My wrists are in bad enough shape as it is without hauling heavy pans all over my kitchen. As someone who cooks 3-4 times a day for a family it would be impractical for me in my current kitchen to use cast iron. Especially where there are so many alternatives on the market.

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