Holiday Fare

So the holiday season is upon us and we all have our obligatory parties, meeting, get-togethers and whatnot. With Christmas shopping, tree hunting, and stocking stuffing out of the way (for me at least) I am finally able to sit down and actually plan the menu for the Christmas dinner I so happily agreed to cook for my entire family this year.

Having just gathered for Thanksgiving, of course, no one wanted turkey, stuffing and all that jazz and with a few “ham haters” in my family the traditional beasts are out. My father’s infrared cooker will take care of the rolled roast beef I decided on, so that frees up my oven.

The following is the collection of recipe I gathered from friends, family, and the internets to feed my rapidly growing family. Some are classics and most are staples in my circle.

First up are appetizers. The exciting rampage of Christmas morning will also be at my new house beginning at 10:00 so I thought an egg and sausage brunch would be in order. However, I don’t have the time or desire to slave away in the kitchen while my family has all the fun under my own tree, so I opted for more appetizer-like fare. This includes cocktail wieners, deviled eggs, and a cheese ball. All of these recipes are on Tasty Planner. So feel free to add them to you planner. I assure you, they are all well worth it.


Next up is the actual Christmas dinner. With my Dad’s rolled roast I decided to go with some favorite dishes that my family never has at Thanksgiving although I hear many others do. First up is Sweet Potato Casserole. We have always been more partial to the candied yams at Thanksgiving, so I thought I would give the casserole a try. Next up in lieu of green bean casserole, I am making a broccoli casserole. The recipe is very similar to Chicken Divan just minus the chicken. Along with the roast, my father will also be making his famous cranberry relish a few days in advance so that is has time to cure. Of course, with the meal will be crescent rolls and a few other small things but nothing especially exciting.

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So last but not least is the dessert portion of the meal. My mother is making a pecan pie. And because I have a pumpkin hanging around the house, I am making a fresh pumpkin pie. Also, I made these awesome Peppermint Meltaways earlier this month that I have to make more of.

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Well, if you needed any recipe ideas for your holiday parties and dinners, I hope you try some of these. All recipes are available on Tasty Planner so Happy Cooking and Happy Holidays!


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