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Tasty Planner was originally built in 48 hours for the Rails Rumble competition. At that time we did the best we could with the limited amount of time allotted. We have been improving the site ever since the competition. We love your feedback, please keep emailing us.

From the numerous requests receive, one of the most popular one has been better support for the metric measuring system. We’d like to let you know that it is currently work on it progress. Soon you will be able to input recipes using your native system no matter which country you are in. We are also considering auto conversion of metric/imperial. Some of our chefs have shown interest for such a feature.

Another common request is the ability to change the serving size of each recipe for a shopping list that better fits your needs. Not all of us have a family of 4, or need a stew that will serve 8. The shopping list will soon be seeing combined ingredients, so if you are baking 2 cakes where each one calls for a pound of flour, your list will display “2 pounds of flour” as a combined shopping item.

These are some of the soon to come improvements. I’d love to hear you comments about them or any other feedback you may have. Feel free to contact us anytime.


Andrew M Kasper February 26th, 2008

I have a number of recipes from cookbooks. Naturally, they’re copyrighted. I’d like to store archival copies of these recipes on Tasty Planner, but I don’t necessarily want them to be publicly available (since this might constitute a copyright violation?). How about the ability to hide recipes from public view?

How about a Flickr-like API?

How about recipe suggestions, based on other recipe likes?

How about the ability to put more nutritional information (or automatically generate nutritional information!) in recipes?

Andrew M Kasper February 26th, 2008

How about retaining newlines in comments? :-)

Bruno Miranda February 27th, 2008

Hi Andrew,

Those are all great suggestions. We are working as fast as we can to continue providing our chefs with great features.

Thank you for your feedback.

Buffmeat March 5th, 2008

Is there any way to print out the planner so we can hang it on our fridge? The export to Outlook rocks, but then it’s part of my work calendar too.

Ksb11 March 6th, 2008

One more request—any way to customize the dates from the planner you want before creating the grocery list?

It’s already Mar 6 and I sort of would like to make a list for tonight that goes into next week already. (and I don’t really need the ingredients from earlier this week anymore)


RKoopmann March 12th, 2008

weekly planner is great, but i think a rolling window of six weeks (2 behind, 4 ahead) would give those of us in cooking ruts a way to cycle through our recipes.

offering suggestions based on users’ recipe box. a few months ago, i outlined the types of things i’d like to see in a social-food network here (

Mac228 March 20th, 2008

Maybe I’m just too new and haven’t figured it out yet, but I would love to be able to sort the recipes saved to my recipe box by category, rather than as a chronological list of when I added them … in other words, have all the breakfast recipes grouped, etc. so that I don’t have to scroll the entire list each time. Being able to add more than one at a time to the planner would be great too, so that for the week being planned there would be a whole range to choose from rather than clicking back and forth between recipes and planner for each item.

And same as Andrew, I would love to be able to add “my” recipes so I could integrate old favorites with your awesome planning capabilities; BUT not have them viewed by anyone else, since I can’t remember the source of many (most) of them, or if I do know, it’s because they are from a copyrighted source.


Mattone May 14th, 2008

i really love this site. you guys/girls did a fantastic job. the design is so approachable and then it works so well. i just select recipes, throw ’em on the weekly calendar, click my g-list (wish i owned an iphone) and i send my butler to the store to fetch my food. love it.

one request:
i wish i could add more than one recipe to the weekly planner “holding bay” at a time. i want to click the planner btn to add multiple recipes that i can then toss onto my calendar once i navigate to that screen.

very tasty,

Dan&rich June 24th, 2008

Great website!

Any chance the grocery list can be grouped by type? Grocery List Generator (Mozilla add-on) generates a grocery list by supermarket aisle – eg. meats, fruit & veges, etc.

Many thanks,

Dan&rich June 24th, 2008

Me again – any chance you can add a print recipe button – to only print out the recipe and not all the other content?

Futureplanner October 2nd, 2009


This website looks like it has a lot of potential for me (really like things like drag and drop recipe calendar, recipe book area, etc). However, I can’t get it to work right now (tried both Firefox and IE8). I am unable to add recipes to a recipe box or calendar.
Also, it would be nice if you would create a contact form page instead of having “contact us” automatically open a local mail client, which doesn’t always work for those of use that use webmail almost exclusively.

Hcir614 August 3rd, 2010

It would be great if the grocery list added up ingredients. For example, I have olive oil on my list several times, in several different places. This is a pain to add it all up in the store unless I rearrange the list so that all of the olive oil is together, which is really inconvenient. And, after all, aren’t we all using this to make grocery shopping more convenient?

Romel August 11th, 2011

New to the site… can’t add recipies to calendar and the Recently View Recipes list is always blank. Is IE 9 supported?

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