A New Kind of Cooking School

“Anyone can cook” is a truer statement now than ever before. With all the available ingredients, gadgets, cookware, and resources, online & in books, someone could easily master the art of making fresh pasta one night while planning a delicious roasted lamb for the next.

So you have the big bulky stand mixer, a fridge full of fresh ingredients, a fancy expensive set of chef’s knives, and every single cookbook by Mark Bittman. Now what? The answer is simple:

From a lesson on using a chef’s knife.

TastyPlanner has recently partnered with an excellent new cooking site dedicated to teaching the art of cooking. As described on their site, “Rouxbe is the web’s first-ever online video cooking school complete with practice video recipes, cooking exercises, culinary quizzes, progress reporting and personal chef support.”

Not only does Rouxbe have an abundance of delicious recipes, but many are paired with videos of the entire cooking process, pictures of ingredients and easy to read step-by-step instructions. Many steps are also paired with related tips & techniques (many of which include videos) to aid you in understanding a foreign area of cooking. This is especially useful when beginning to cook or attempting new international recipes.

Other than recipes, there is an entire database of coking techniques for you to peruse. Let’s say you are making a homemade pizza. Want to know more about what type of cornmeal you should use? Wondering what the term “emince” means? They can explain with videos and easy to understand instructions. Wondering about the varying qualities of olive oil and what exactly is the best for you? Check out their Olive Oil section with a list of types and related recipes.

From a lesson on the origins and uses of chocolate.

Besides their recipes, tips and technique videos, they also have a cooking school where you can learn to select knives, make stock, prepare sauces, and learn about a plethora of cooking techniques including moist and dry-heat methods. Learn how to buy fish, cook the perfect hard boiled egg, make pasta with a pasta machine, or what makes chocolate, chocolate. The possibilities are endless, so if you are a fan of cooking or eating, I suggest you check it out.

Rouxbe’s Thanksgiving Guide

Just the website’s ease of use will have you coming back. Its simple design packs a lot in without overwhelming you. Lessons are easy to find, and related articles are included in all recipes so there is no need to go searching for information while you are cooking. Worried about Thanksgiving Dinner? Rouxbe even has a printable Thanksgiving recipe and menu planner with an hour-by-hour break down of planning and set up, so you won’t miss a thing!

The best part about Rouxbe is that it is still growing! Lessons and recipes are being added weekly and many folks are taking advantage of the forums available by asking questions and posting ideas. Sign-up for your free account today and take advantage of free lessons, easy to follow recipes, impressive videos, and gorgeous photographs. Rouxbe really has it all.


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