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Tasty Planner is here to help you create, plan and share recipes, menus, grocery lists and more. We take out all the hassle in planning great meals for you. We'll also help you make a few chef friends along the way.
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find and share recipes with tasty planner

Browse, Create, and Share Recipes

mag Our easy to use interface allows you to search and quickly scan through the results. Recipes show prep time, cook time and serving size. From the search results you also have access to the rating of each recipe and a link to comments.

Once signed up, you can create your own recipes, and share them with your family, friends and all the other Tasty Planner Chefs.

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Save Your Favorite Recipes to Your Recipe Box

recipe box When browsing the site you will find tons of great recipes. You can add them to you "Recipe Box" by clicking on the "Add to My Recipe Box" on the top right corner of the recipe page. This will bookmark each recipe and allow you to easily go back to it. You can also share your recipe box with others. In your profile page you will find a javascript snippet that you can place on your website or blog and share your current recipe box.

You can also add recipes from your "Recipe Box" straight into your weekly planner.

Learn more about the Recipe Box

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Make a Meal Calendar and Plan Meals for the Week

recipe planner Tasty Planner allows you to add favorite recipes to your weekly planner. When browsing any given recipe you will find a link to "Add to Planner". Tasty Planner will also automatically keep track of the recipes you visit so that you may access the planner. Click on "Planner" in the top navigation bar of the site and all your most recent recipes will be available. From there you can drop them on a weekday and setup your weekly schedule. You can move things around and arrange it as you see fit.

You can setup a planner for the current week and any number of weeks in the future.

Learn more about the Weekly Planner

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Grocery List Creation Simplified and Automated

grocery list creator After planning your weekly meals, it's time to head to your favorite grocery store. Click on "Create Grocery List" to get started. From here, you can add additional items to purchase and check off items you already have. Once you're ready to go, grab your iPhone (or print out your list) and revel in the fact that you won't forget anything.

Learn more about creating grocery lists