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Tasty Planner Tour - Grocery List

The grocery list is automatically generated from the items and ingredients you have in your weekly planner. It consists of both your recipe ingredients and custom items you can add on the fly.

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Add a custom grocery list item

Suppose you need some light bulbs when you go to the grocery next time. Quickly type it into the text field under the grocery list and hit "Add Item".

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Re-order your grocery list

Don't like the way we ordered your list for you? No problem, just use the simple drag arrows to reorder the list to your liking.

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Mark an item purchased

Want to keep track of things you already have? Just click the check box and we will move the item to the purchased section.

Bonus! This works in the iphone interface too. You can mark off your grocery list as you shop in the store.

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Use your iphone to grocery shop!

We have a special interface for the grocery list, just for an iPhone. Just log-in and start using it.

You can also print out the grocery list, nicely formatted, if you don't have an iPhone.